who we areOakland Private Duty, LLC

We are a nursing placement agency composed of self-employed registered nurses, licensed practical nurses and certified nurse assistants who specialize in working directly for individual patients. We have offered comprehensive nursing care for an adult clientele for more than 60 years.

We work closely with family members, physicians, other healthcare professionals and household staff to meet your physical, emotional, and social needs.

QualificationsWhat qualifications do OPD caregivers have?

OPD caregivers have the experience and maturity of judgement to function independently, providing complete nursing care for as long as you need their services.

Each OPD caregiver is required, among other qualifications

  • to be insured and to have a current Michigan nursing license or nurse aide certificate
  • at least one year of work experience in a healthcare facility
  • a minimun of four references
  • a satisfactory background check

caregiversHow are caregivers assigned?

After a professional assessment of your medical needs, we match you with a caregiver or caregiving team with superior skills that is compatible with your personality. You will find us flexible to accommodate your personal preferences.

Hours WorkedHow many hours do OPD caregivers work?

You choose the number of hours. You may hire us for less than a week or more than a year. Though we do not offer live-in caregivers, we can provide care up to 24 hours daily with a team of caregivers. Our minimum visit is for four hours.

PaymentWho pays for private-duty caregivers?

Our caregivers are independent contractors paid directly by each client. Neither private insurance nor government programs cover these expenses.


  • By working directly for you and carrying out your personalized care plan, OPD caregivers help to ensure continuity of care. This may shorten your hospital stay, speed your recovery and decrease your healthcare expenses while giving relief to your family.

skillsWe provide:

  • Short-term care after surgery
  • Long-term care for chronic diseases and disabling conditions
  • Comfort and companionship during a terminal illness

Our clients say

These are wonderful people with total professionalism. The care [my husband] received was every bit as thorough as what you would get in the hospital, but there's no substitute for being in your own home as you recuperate.

I always feel safe with my OPD nurses. My nurses anticipated my needs.

The OPD nurses were utterly magnificent... the friendliness and making [my wife] have confidence that she was going to get well...

[The OPD caregivers] were so incredibly reliable. They took care of household problems when we weren't around to do it. (Client's daughter)

They cared for [my father], not just as a job but as a person.

(Testimonials used with permission. Names are omitted to respect clients' privacy)